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When it Comes to Custom Suits, Does Where it is Made Make a Difference?

When it comes to custom suits there are all sorts of preconceived notions about the quality based on where it is made. While some are more than justified, others are nothing more than myths. Here are some common myths about custom suits and where they are made.

The best suits are made in Italycustom suits nj

This is the most common and widely believed half truth in fashion and design, especially mens tailored clothing. Italians are world renowned for their flair and craftsmanship and while Italians do have a fine tradition when it comes to tailoring, a suit does not automatically become better than the rest just because it is made in Italy. In other words you should not pay a premium for a suit made in Italy but the best suits are made there. Confusing enough?

When it comes to suits the cream of the crop can be broken down to three things, flair in design, materials and construction and while the off the rack brands that best exemplifies these qualities do come from Italy, this does not make made in Italy the defacto best in mens suiting.

For custom suits it is arguably inferior. There is an old saying- When it comes to production Italy is the best. When it comes to custom bench work the British are the true masters. Custom suiting’s birth place is widely considered to be London’s Savile Row. According to legend this is where the term bespoke was coined and to this day it continues to be the Mecca for custom suit aficionados.

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