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Razor Sole Skate Review

‘Razor’ is not a new name in the world of skates. A new hybrid skate board from the makers of razor is called sole skate. It gives you the joy and pleasure while riding. It is perfect for riding to school, work, or play with handiness, because it easily fits in your pack or bag. It gives you comfortable ride and 360 view. It is no doubt the most reliable because of the high quality material used in it. Meepo board

If you try and practice; you will find it very comfortable to use. You can practice many new tricks on RAZOR SOLE SKATES as it is user friendly object. It’s fine quality rolling wheels make it suitable for great tricks. You can enjoy the speedy ride, exciting carving and jumping offs the ramp. By little more effort you can learn, kick flip, double kick flip, and heel flip on this product. It is available in attractive colors. This product is rain tested. Just bring it home and enjoy the smooth ride of this exciting and adventurous product.

How to use: When you start using this Razor Sole Skates, you will find that how simple it is, you just have to follow some points so you can enjoy this better. It is used in the same way you ride skate board.

Examine it properly before using it. Check its shape and parts, it has two different ends front and rear and it has a button in the middle called sole restrictor which prevents sole skates to roll too far away and controls the rolling speed.

Place your foot appropriately and try to adjust accordingly, as there is enough space to fit an 11 sized shoe. So now put one foot on the skate and use the other to push off.

Keep your heel on the sole restrictor to have good control and keep your foot in the centre of the deck to have accurate balance so there would be no chance of tipping on one side.

Now get started slowly and gain speed after having full control on the skate, to gain the speed just push with the other foot like you do for skate board.

Turning and carving is done by leaning your weight on the board, after a little practice you can enjoy carving and twisting.

To stop the sole skates, you just have to jump off it and that’s it.

Razor Sole Skates are an awesome product. These work as your own transport which can be easily packed in your back bag, and can be easily kept in your bedroom under the bed, no fuel or recharge required and no maintenance cost; it just keeps you mobile with out any huge investment. You can get this product at a very reasonable price. So what are you waiting for? Just get it and start practicing for the next skate competition in the town. Make sure that you would be the first among your friends to buy this object and show your attitude

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