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Leg Press Machines – Toning Leg Muscles Has Never Been This Easy

Leg press machines are exercise equipment for weight training with the use of counterweights gravitating towards your legs providing resistance when pushed. The leg press machine is used for evaluating the overall lower body strength in order to build muscles in the lower body. More experienced weightlifters can push weights shooting up to 2,000 pounds or even more. If you are a beginner, you are advised to start with lighter weights to avoid muscle strain and injury. world press machine


Leg press machines are either the cable type or the sled type.
The cable type or seated leg press is commonly used in home gyms. With this, you can sit upright so you can push the padded brackets with your feet. These brackets are attached to a weight stack where the weight discs or plates are held into place by a steel cable.

The sled type leg press machine is made up of cast iron weight discs that are attached directly to the sled. Also known as the vertical or diagonal leg press, it has a sled mounted on the rails and a padded backrest to keep your back comfortably supported. You are seated below the sled while pushing upward with your feet. The sled will not move until your knees are at the right angle. This prevents straining your lower back and your knees.

A technique you can use with the leg press machine

Bend your legs slowly, allowing your knees to move towards your chest. When the knees have reached an angle beyond 90 degrees, straighten your legs slowly until you return to the starting position. Never lock your knees when you reach the highest angle it can take.

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