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Keeping Australian Reptiles

Reptiles (Reptilla) are part of the Animalia (Animals) kingdom and Australia Boasts around 484 recorded species. With new species regularly being discovered. Australia has over 110 species of Frogs, 17 species of turtles, 248 species of lizards, 107 species of snakes and 2 species of crocodiles. Although laws vary between states most can be kept as pets in Australia. To keep a reptile as a pet you will need a Wildlife license. These can be obtained online in Queensland or contact your local E.P.A state branch to find out your states requirements. After you have permission to buy and keep reptiles you can source them from good pet shops, or online pet classifieds. Never take any reptile from the wild nor release any unwanted reptiles back into the wild. You will find that there is a lot more variety of reptiles in trusted online reptile classifieds than most pet shops. Most reptiles can be shipped interstate by reputable pet transporters. Rules and regulations do apply. anaheim activities

Next you will need somewhere to house the reptile. Your reptile enclosures should be of size and setup that would be similar to its natural environment. Reptiles are cold blooded and therefore you must provide them with a heat source. This is best done using a reptile heat light, reptile heat, or a ceramic heat globe. Temperatures need to be similar to your reptile’s natural environment. With the exclusion of nocturnal snakes like pythons all reptiles require UV Lighting. UV Lighting replicates the suns ultra violet rays, reptiles require this for Vitamin D and healthy growth. Outdoor reptile enclosures do not need lights and most reptiles kept in outdoor cages or that are exposed to natural sunlight will show more healthier growth and a better well being. Learning to care for reptiles best comes from experience and knowledge. There are plenty online herp forums that will guide you through any difficulties you might have. Owing a pet reptile is a privilege and should not be abused. You must be able to give the reptile a quality of life that is the same or preferably better than it would have in the wild. Reptiles can have long life spans and some can grow to large sizes so you must be able to adequately feed and house the reptile for quite a number of years. The experience is prodigious so enjoy.

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