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How Video Marketing Helps Modular Home Manufacturers

Marketing with video has increased over the last few years and continues to grow. Video viewers on the Internet have reached 100 million in 2012. The average user online is exposed to about 32 videos per month according to comScore. With the numbers ever- increasing of people online viewing video, so do the odds decrease with video marketing.

For the modular home industry, video marketing can help drive traffic to a web page because those customers looking to purchase will want to see for themselves the quality and the building process of a modular home. They can get a visual on how their custom-built modular could look and see all the different options available to them. Attefallshus

Everyone loves to watch video and making or recording videos does not have to be expensive. It can actually be done very simply by having an employee or sales representative take a video camera throughout the modular home and give a description of the size, how many bedrooms, baths, and maybe what type of appliances are included with the modular home that is being advertised. A video introduction can also be used for branding purposes and they introduce a company video in a more professional manner, giving it more “curb appeal” you might say. There are many sites on the Internet that offer video intros that are very inexpensive and some are even free!

A lot of modular homes companies upload their videos on various social sites hoping that potential customers will come across theirs. The problem with is that most people do not know or are unaware of the name of a company and this greatly reduces the chances of the video even being viewed especially when there is no option to choose a category for the video upload.

Branding a modular home company or uploading and listing videos on a site that has been created especially for the modular home industry will only increase the chances of the video views and will be far more effective for marketing purposes. Also, a site of this nature might have the capability and benefits of video syndication. This feature would syndicate videos to the many other social sites and save a company valuable time while still increasing the probability of views.

Marketing with video should be a priority especially now since they are being used so widely across the Internet. Don’t get left behind, with just a little research video marketing could make a huge difference for your company.

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