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Complete Guide To Kedarkantha Peak Trek 2021

Hiking is gaining immense popularity in India. Especially in the last few years, the demand for trekking in India has increased drastically. Kedarkantha is one such trek in India that is open all around the year but if you want to witness the beauty of this place then winter is the best time. This trek commences from Sankri village crossing through the stunning lush green forest which leads you to Saud village and then to a frozen lake camping site near Juda Ka Talab.

Seasoned trekkers love to hike the summit climb of the Kedarkantha peak trek in India. In fact, it’s also one of the best-hiking destinations for trek lovers. There are endless reasons why one should go for the Kedarkantha trek at least once in their lifetime. The entire climb is easy to moderate but as you get closer to the peak, the trail becomes a bit tough. Once you reach the summit and take a 360-degree view from the top, you feel a sense of achievement. The feeling that you get at that point is completely divine. Treks In India

Reasons Why You Must Opt for Kedarkantha Trekking in India

Dive Till The Base Camp: The drive till the base camp gives you the most beautiful sights. It’s a total of 18km long run of heavy pine forests after Purola and the memories of the drive along the Mori valley will be by your side for a lifetime.

The Homestays: To provide livelihood to the locals, the Government has promoted the concept of Homestays. You will also get to understand how the locals live here. The first and last night of this trek will be spent at the homestays of Gaichawan Gaon. The villagers live close to each other still everything from their dressing style to their houses to their lifestyle looks so different.

The Dense Forest: When you enter the forests of Kedarkantha, particularly the way from Gaichawan Gaon to the summit, you will feel surrounded by the nature. This forest is mostly untouched as only the villagers or the trekkers move through it. Be careful, you might also get lost in the beauty of this pristine forest. In this particular stretch of forest, you will find a rawness, unlike other decorated forests. You will also get to see diversity in this forest. Apart from Deodar, Oak, and Pine, you will see a variety of trees. Since it’s a very dense forest, you will enjoy the sun’s peek-a-boo and that’s the experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

Plenty Of Clearings: Kedarkantha trekking offers you plenty of clearings that no other trek offers. This is one such hike where there is no lack of campsites. You will find multiple open routes because of these clearings. Every clearing is so exclusively different from others offering you a completely different experience in a single trek. Juda Ka Talab gives you a feeling of camping around a frozen lake whereas Khujey makes you feel like you are camping aside a cliff. Sunset views that you get to see from these clearings are worth watching. The clearings are pretty well spread out throughout the trail. The combination of forest and clearing offers a complete trek experience.

Several Routes: Since it’s a single mountain, this hike has multiple route options that help you in reaching the summit. Each route has its beauty and offers you beautiful scenic experiences. Trekkers have the option to choose the much-used route or to opt for an unexplored route.

Beautiful Sunsets: You will get to see some of the most beautiful sunset views as the campsites are placed at such places. Pukhrola is on the western side of the sky and thus offers the best sunset view that can’t be missed.

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