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An Overview Of Vaginismus

When couples engage in sexual intercourse, they usually perform it with the motive of gaining sexual satisfaction. However, there are many problems or conditions, which can spoil the process and make intercourse problematic. In terms of genders, women are the ones who face most of the problems and this is mainly because; women tend to keep their problems to themselves and hence suffer more. Furthermore, the majority of women consider their problems as too private to be discussed. One of such serious problems, which women face, is Vaginismus, often misspelled as Vaginism. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the facts about Vaginismus or vaginismus cure

Some facts about Vaginismus

1. Vaginismus is a condition wherein a woman finds it difficult to insert anything into her vagina.

2. The condition occurs due to a reflex of the muscles in the vagina, which tense up with the thought of having sexual intercourse.

3. Due to the tensing of the muscles, there is a complete ‘close-off’ of the vagina, which in turn makes the insertion of penis, at the time of sexual intercourse almost impossible.

4. If, at all, there is insertion, it causes tremendous pain to the woman.

5. In most societies, Vaginismus is a fairly common problem.

6. Research indicates that in countries such as Australia and Britain, the incidence of Vaginismus is as high as up to 20% among the entire female population. However, in some countries such as Sweden the incidence of Vaginismus is just 2 percent among the entire female population.

7. The most important thing to note about Vaginismus is a large number of women refrain from seeking any kind of treatment due to shame and embarrassment and live with the condition indefinitely.

Some available treatments for Vaginismus

There are lots of treatment options, which can help a woman to get rid of Vaginismus completely. However, as the symptoms of Vaginismus vary from woman to woman, and their causes also vary, there is not a generalized form of treatment, which can be used to treat the condition. Thus, the treatment for Vaginismus also varies. Now, we are going to take a look at some of the treatment options that help to treat Vaginismus.

1. One of the most effective treatments that helps to get rid of Vaginismus is using vaginal dilators, which are inserted into the vagina until the woman is able to insert them without experiencing any kind of pain.

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